Welcome to the Daily Quiz

Welcome to the Daily Quiz site. Each day answer 10 questions and then compare your score with friends, colleagues and family.

1. Buttons

Add questions. Submitted questions will be reviewed before being added to the available questions.
This help page.
Information and credits.
Set and change the notification timer, to remind you to play the quiz.

2. Game Center

Log into Game Center or create a Game Center account when you first play the game.

3. Play

Each day you will get the chance to answer 10 questions from a list of thousands. Don't delay as the time taken to complete the quiz can go against you. A new set of questions are available at midnight GMT. You can only play the quiz once a day but when the new questions are available you will be able to play again.

4. Scores

The daily score shows you the scores for that day of all the players who have played the quiz. The monthly score shows you the total score for players for the current month. The year score shows your ranking amongst all the other Daily quiz players. You will also see the 30 players above and below you.

5. Questions

There are 1000's of questions already in the database, but do you have some questions that you want to add? You may have some specialist knowledge in a specific topic or just know something others might not. Submit your question with one right answer and three wrong answers and it will be placed in a queue to be reviewed. If suitable it will be added to all the other questions and will form part of the Daily Quiz. Have a look at the top 100 question submitters and see if you too can get your name up there.